The flight’s at three o’clock
March 18, 2012, 12:59 am
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-The flight’s three o’clock isn’t it?

– Yes, it is … we’ll go through your safety brief in time.

– 706 that’s right.

– Um, sorry my mistake. Collins I think it was.

– No, Hood.

– Huud?

– It’s room 70 … You’ve got Cooper, it’s actually h-o-o-d. Like Robin Hood.

– Ok, I think they give me the hotel, is there somebody else with the same name?

– Yeah.

– Me?

– No, we were Cooper, we’re married now.

– Ah, ok.

– Well, she was Cooper.

– No problem.

– Ok, alright, just to confuse us.


– So that’s four hundred and forty pounds.

– One, two, two, four.

– Ah, see, he’s proud of that name huh?

– … for you

– … say I don’t want to hear the word Cooper anymore.

– Hold on just a second I’ll get you your change.

– Ok, so you are…

(Phone ringing)

– Harrin? bluewaters? 206.

– Ok I don’t have a number for you, are there two of you?

– Yeah, two of us. Yes.

– Hmm, ok, no problem. I have three here. Not two.

– … I’m part, I’m part of… partly.

– He’s part of their party.

– There’s three of us.

– Yes, he’s part of our party.

– So you’re paying the three on the card?

– I’m paying two.

– And I’m paying one.

– Ok there is a two percent service charge on all major debit and credit cards, ok? So it’s four forty… four forty for the two. No deposit was taken right?

– No deposit, no.

(Processes of machine)


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