App-timism or the eyes of a killjoy?

(written for Hollaback! London magazine, Dec 2011)

Whilst sex offender treatment programmes, crime mapping, electronic tagging and prison time are all given due consideration in state praxis, there is nevertheless a passive acceptance within this approach that street violence can only be retroactively effected, recompensed, logged and dealt with in de facto institutional time, with all its necessary budget reviews, performance testing, statistical targets, and structural reports documented in annual publications.

If we want to argue for some other kind of action, one that would begin to recognise how these incidents occur within violent social structures, enabling actors to use their ability to ephemerally occupy parts of the city, we have to ask open questions: how can these things be prevented rather than responded to? what can we each individually do to propagate an attitude that would make a positive impact on various scenarios? Continue reading